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On the 5th of November 2014, I was diagnosed with an adenocarcinoma of the orbit. As a result of this, I had to have my eye and surrounding tissue removed at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast.

Mr Sri Kamalarajah has been my consultant and first point of contact throughout this process. I had various consultations prior to my diagnosis, and these were always very professional. At all times I felt that everything was being done to get to the bottom of my ‘drooping eyelid and slight swelling around my eye.’ After an MRI scan, a CT scan and an orbital biopsy (carried out by Mr Kamalarajah), I was called to the Royal Victoria for my results. It was at this point that Mr Kamalarajah became more that just my consultant but also a friend. When he told me that I had to lose my eye and that it was dependant on how I reacted to my treatment, as to whether I would survive or not, I was understandably very upset. His compassionate approach and ability to reach out and reassure me that everything possible would be done to help me through the months ahead gave me the confidence to meet my treatment head on.

On the 4th December 2014, I was admitted to ward 28 at the Royal Victoria for my operation. Again, the care I received in this ward was second to none. From the minute I was admitted Mr Kamalarajah and his team were on hand to answer questions from both myself and my close family. He explained exactly what he planned to do and reassured us that he had a full team of specialists with him in the operation to cover all bases.

After the operation, he also came to the ward to speak to my family which they relayed to me was very reassuring. On return to the ward, Mr Kamalarajah personally changed my dressings, inspected his work regularly and ensured that everything was as it should be.

Since then, I have met with Mr Kamalarajah for various consultations and he continues to be at the end of a phone if I have any concerns or questions regarding my recovery. My wound has healed remarkably well and this is thanks to the amazing surgical handiwork of Mr Kamalarajah and his team. Thank-you.

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